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Hello your welcome to dmzumo's 'about us' page.

DMZUMO warmly welcomes all its visitors and provides you all the information related to 'tech' on here. Which is especially what you need.

DMZUMO knows that almost everyone in this world has problems related to online, technical, android, application and other question.

Keeping these problems in view, we have built DMZUMO. And we talk about all those problems. who is often with you And you find solutions to the those problems how you can solve those problems.

DMZUMO's most favorite topics are website, blogging, SEO, YouTube, Android apps, earning money, photo editing, video editing, computer and other topics related to technical.

If you have any other problem. For which you are not getting the solution. So you can tell us through comments in our posts what is your problem. And we will try our best to find solution for your problem.

DMZUMO listens to all its customers and takes the lead in solving their problems.

DMZUMO was formed in India by Durgesh Nayak in 2021. It is produced in the English language and is available to all English speaking people.

In future we may make it available in different languages. For now only English language is available here and you can enjoy reading content in English language.

If you are from India. So Durgesh Nayak has created a separate website for India, which you can see here.

Way to contact dmzumo

You can contact us through the comment column given in the post and through our given email address.

Email: contact.dmzumo@gmail.com


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