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how to delete create page on facebook

How to delete your page on facebook permanently? On Facebook, if you create a page for your business or to share your videos or to share articles of your website. And if later you don't like your page or you want to delete it and create a new page. So you can easily delete your previous page without any problem. So today in this post I am going to tell you step-by-step how you can delete your Facebook page from Facebook forever. So read this post till the last. how to delete created page on facebook permanently? To delete your Facebook page, Open the Facebook app on your device. After this log-in in your Facebook account. Then click on 'pages' option and open your Facebook page. Then click on 'settings' option in your page. Now in the next page click on 'general' option. After the General page is open, scroll down to it and click on the 'permanently delete' option in the (Remove Page) section. Now in the next page click on Delete Page option a

How to create page on facebook for business

How to Create Page on Facebook For My Business Do you want to create a page on Facebook for your business? If you want to know how to create a page on Facebook? So you have come to absolutely right place. Today in this post I will tell you how you can create a page for your business on Facebook. Along with this, you can also start earning money by creating a page on Facebook. If you are creating a page to upload videos on Facebook. So you can earn money by uploading videos on your page. When you have 10,000 followers on your page, you will start earning money from the videos you put on your page. You can monetize your page through Facebook ad network and start earning money by showing ads on your videos. Follow this method to create a page on Facebook Open the Facebook on your mobile device. Now login to your account on facebook. After login in your account, click on menu bar on facebook. Now click on pages option in menu bar . Now in the next page click on (create)  button. Then in

Format For Youtube Video Upload

Format For Youtube Video Upload Do you want to know what should be the format of uploading videos on YouTube. Which is the correct format to upload videos to YouTube? So read this post till the last to know. YouTube may accept your videos in some of the following formats, which you can see below. Best Format For Youtube Video Upload (1) Mov (2) Mp4 (3) MPG (4) Mpeg-1 (5) Mpeg-2 (6) mpeg-4 (7) AVI (8) Wmv (9) Flv (10) 3gpp (11) Mpegps (12) WebM (13) DNxHR (14) ProRes (15) CineForm (16) HEVC (h265) But YouTube recommended you to upload videos in these formats. which are given below. MOV MPEG-1 MPEG-2 MPEG4 MP4 MPG AVI WMV This is the highest level video format and if possible upload your videos on YouTube in these formats. No. 2: height and width If we talk about the width and length of the video, then you keep the width and length of the video as given below. No. 1: 240pixel: 426 × 240 (16: 9) No. 2: 360pixel: 640 × 360 (16: 9) No. 3: 480pixel: 854 × 480 (16: 9) No. 4: 720pixel: 1