How do I write the best Quality post on my blog

How Do I Write The Best Post On My Blog?

Are you new to blogging? And you don't know how to write quality post on blog? so don't you worry. Today we will tell you how you can write the best quality post on your blog? So read this post till the last and enjoy reading.

How Do I Write The Best Quality Post On My Blog, Write Quality Post Keywords Heading front Image Permalink Label Search Description Alt Text Captions

How Do I Write The Best Quality Post On My Blog?

Tips 1: Keywords:- To write the best post on your blog, choose a keyword that has a good montly search volume. But the competition on that should be very less.

So that you can rank at the top of Google on that keyword.

Tips 2: Heading:- Then while writing the post on that keyword on your blog, create h1 heading with subtitle (?), Create two to three headings related to the keyword in your post, so that your post can be targeted on that keyword, and you get a good rank on Google.

Tips 3: front image:- Put a front image for your blog post that looks unique to your post. Along with this wherever the image is needed. Put related images there.

Tips 4: Custom Permalink:- After writing the post, create a custom URL for your post. Which be related to your post title and heading.

Tips 5: Label:- Put a label for your blog post. Which is related to the post topic.So that the user visiting your blog can get quick access to this post of yours, through the label.

Tips 6: Description:- Write a great unique description for your blog post. In the description of the post, you write some word that clearly describes your post.

The write words in the search description appear below your post link in Google search. And because of a great description, your blog post can get more clicks than Google search.

If you want, you can enter other keywords related to your blog post keywords in the search description.You will benefit greatly from this.

Tips 7: Image Alt Text:- You can enter alt text to make your blog post image appear in Google search results.

By entering the alt text keyword in the image, Google can better understand your image. And it can generate rich results.

And click CTR for your posts in Google search can increase up to 50%.

You can enter keywords of the search description for your image alt text.

Tips 8: Caption:- Write a caption to tell users about the image, what the image is representing.

Tips 9: Image URL:-To manage your post image with more precise keywords, you can format its URL to post keywords.This increases the chances of your post image appearing in Google search.

So in this way you can write a great seo friendly post on your blog. And can get good results in google search.

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