How Does One Earn From Blogging (Full Information)

How Does One Earn From Blogging Full Information?

How Does One Earn From Blogging (Full Information), How to Earn Money to blogging

Your question is, how does one earn from blogging? so on here in hand I am going to give you complete information about how a person who does blogging earn money. So read this post with full pleasure.

How does one earn from blogging?

No 1: Google Adsense: First of all, a blogging person after starting a blog waits for the approval of Google Adsense to earn from it.

When your blog starts getting 50 to 100 page views every day. So applies Google Adsense for your blog. and get approval from there.
So the first earning in blogging starts from Google Adsense. 

When good traffic starts coming to the blog, then more avenues open for earning. e.g. through sponsored or affiliate marketing.

No. 2: sponsorship: When traffic starts coming to the blog from 50 to 1 lakh every month, then very good avenues are opened for the blogging person to earn money through sponsorship.

Somewhere online apps and web developer companies choose blog with good traffic to increase sign up on their apps or website.

Insuch a situation, a person blogging can take good money by promoting their apps or website through their blog.

No. 3: Affiliate Marketing: As we know that online shopping is becoming the future of home shopping for people.

In such a situation, a blogging person can earn good money through his blog by becoming a part of Affiliate Program on Amazon and Flipkart or other online product selling website.


The online shopping website on which you become part of the affiliate program, you have to put on your website posts and pages their products link.

And when the user wants to buy a product online, he can click on the product link through the blog post and buy it and you will get a very good commission.

So in this way a blogging person earns good money through blogging. And if you also do blogging, then you too can earn very well in these ways.

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