How to protect your android device from bad apps

How to Protect your android device from bad apps?

Hello friends' I am Durgesh Nayak and you are watching, My website 'DMZUMO' and today I am going to tell you How to keep your android device from bad apps?

How to keep your android device from bad apps

How to secure your android device from bad apps? (Step By Step)

So friends when we download software apps from Google Play Store, So we don't know about those apps, that In app has a virus. Or there is something that can make our's phone hang. And then we download that app without know it in our's Android device And then later ours Android phone starts hanging slowly.

And then we think that the maybe phone is bad. And then we put's that phone on the mobile care' of that company, The company that we bought the phone.

And yes, I also agree that not all Android phones are even like this, In which there is no malfunction but yes there are some Android phones also like this. In which maybe due to a slight mistake of the company there are some technical problems Come in the Android phones. Due to which the users have to suffer big.

So friends, let us know this now, that 'when we download apps from Google Play Store and that app viruses Or Again' there is some malfunction in his system. So how wills the Address we know about that malfunction So friends, we can know about the malfunction of such apps in 2 ways.

1. The first is, Android system: 

2. And' the second is, google play protect:

1. Android system: when we are Google Play Store, 9Apps Or any such application Form which we download the app in ours Android phone, And if there are some system malfunctions in that apps. Or again hurts ours Android phone system repeatedly So our Android phone sends us information, That you should uninstall this app from your device. Because this app is hurting the Android system Repeatedly.

2. Google Play protect: So friends, when we is Google Play Store, 9Apps Or any application with whereby we download apps in our Android phones, And after downloading that app when we use that app. 

So you must have seen, that there are Happen many such apps Those who stop automatically while walking. And there' comes a message, that 'unfortunately this application is not responding now You take close this app. Or again 'wait lete a while and when we meet getting such messages again and again. 

So through google play protect Notification: notifies us, that 'this App has some viruses Or again there are some malfunctions in its system. Due to which this app is not running nicely on your Android phone you can uninstall this app, you can remove this app from your device.

So friends, get for information about such a bad apps, We have to do some settings in ours Android phone Or again 'there occur are many such Android phones too. In which this setting are already done by the company, So that 'setting we don't find in ours Android phone.

And' in which android phone the setting that tell about apps malfunction are not done by the company. So that setting we get in the setting of ours phone. And by turning on those settings, we can protect ours Android phone from viruses. So, let's we know this now that "where do we get the setting she on ours device So guys, read this post till the last and enjoy reading.

How to secure your android device from bad apps?

So first yours are to click on the '⚙️' setting icon in your Android device, And after clicking on the settings icon

The page of Android settings will open front of you.

You will see one option of in 'Google' or 'account' this page, you click on it after this, another new page will open in front of you.

And in that page you will see a "security" option at the bottom, And then you click on the option of that security After clicking on security, another new page will open in front of you. That there are two on options here (1) "find my device" and (2) "google play protect", out of these two, you select the option 'google play protect' and you will go to a new page. "See in the image below"

How to protect your android device from bad apps

So you can was given see in this photo above, that there is a message written Over here below. (play protect: regularly checks your apps and device for harmful behavior. you'll be notified of any security risks found.) 

So friends, it means that when we download apps Google Play Store, 9Apps or again any other software application So this 'play protect' is telling us about the problem related to them. That if there is a problem in that app

Such as: there are some malfunction in his system, Or viruses in that is app. Or again that application can share our personal information to any third party So google play protect Will us about that problem in advance. And to get information about such problems, you will see an "⚙️" setting icon at the above in this page. That click on do it. 

And two options will go open in front of you and both of these options you can be seen in the photo below here.

How to protect your android device from bad apps

So now we are to turn on both these options and after turning both of these options on the security of your Android phone will start now. And then when play protect Will know about any such app in your Android phone there are in which few malfunctions, Or again this threatens your device's security. Or this app has a virus, So then this 'Google Play protect' application immediately will send you information.

please note: whatever I told you about the (google play protect) settings in this post, this setting is not present in all Android device. 

And maybe, that your Android device in might not even have this setting Or again this setting exists somewhere else in your device's settings. 

And 'yes' you will go surely get this setting in Android 'vivo y71 1724' Because 'I have used "vivo Y71 1724" Android phone. 

And after turning on this 'play protect' setting, I have felt something good in my Android phone.

So I thought why not tell you about this information too, So that you too can know about this setting. And you can protect your Android device from bad apps.

So friends, I hope you liked this post of mine. And if you liked this my post So share this post with your friends and comment me. That' how did you like this my post.


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