How to Add hashtags in your YouTube video

How to Put SEO Hashtags in YouTube Video?

Do you want put hashtags in your YouTube videos? but you not know that how to put #tags in YouTube Video? How to make hashtag? And what is the benefit of hashtags?

So you don't worry, today you have come to the absolutely right post. In this post we will tell you that you how can put #tag in your YouTube videos? How can create #tag? And what it happens the benefit of adding #tags in the video?

Add #tags in YouTube Videos, How to create hashtags for YouTube Video? easy way, put hashtags in your YouTube Video? YouTube Studio

So therefore read this post till the last and enjoy reading. So let's start.

What is the hashtags?

The hashtag is a unique way to get your videos up in YouTube searches. If you use the best #tag on your videos, So your video may appear at the top of YouTube search results.

If you create #tags for your video from the best keywords. So believe me your video can perform well in YouTube search results as well as Google search.

And can get organic traffic on your video.

And unless you doesn't use the #tag for your YouTube videos, Until then, YouTube relies only on the title of the video.

ie That, when someone will search the keyword related to your video title on YouTube, only then your video will appear in the YouTube search result, the rest will not be visible.

But in #tags you can add other keywords similar to the video title. by this allows your video to be shown in search results on other similar keywords as well.

Therefore if you do not use # tag on your videos, then start doing so today. Because #tag is the best way to rank your videos on YouTube.

How to create hashtags for YouTube Video? easy way

Actually all the new youtubers have the same question that what is the best way to create #tags for youtube videos.

In what ways we create hashtags for our video? Which be absolutely correct, so that our video appears further in YouTube search. And get that organic traffic.

And on which keyword we should make #tags for our videos? which be perfect for our video. Let's know.

How to create #tags? the right way to create hashtags

Hashtag use policies

Note: like all videos uploaded to YouTube, hashtags also have to comply with the 'YouTube Policies'.

And hashtags that violate YouTube policies won't show below video titles, and may be removed from your videos.

So make sure that you follow these policies when using hashtags in your videos.

No spaces: Hashtags added to your video should not contain any spaces. If you want to have two or three words in the hashtag keyword, you can join them together.

Example: #onetwo, #onetwothree

Over-tagging: Don't add too many hashtags to a video, the more tags that you add to the video. The less relevant they become for viewers who are searching.

So do not add more than 15 hashtags to your video as per YouTube policies. If you violate this policy, and add more than 15 hashtags to your video, So your #tags will be ignored.

And over-tagging may result in the removal of your video from your uploads or from search results.

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On which keywords create #tags?

You create hashtags only on the keywords matching your video title.

You can search your video title on YouTube for keyword suggestions for matching keywords related to your video title.

Add #tags in YouTube Videos, How to create hashtags for YouTube Video? easy way, put hashtags in your YouTube Video? YouTube Studio

While searching, you will see some the keywords related to your title on there, which people search on YouTube. You can create hashtags keywords for your videos from them.

Misleading content: Do not use such tags in your videos that are not directly related to your video content. If you use misleading tags in your video then your video can be removed from YouTube.

So use only tags related from your video.

How do I add hashtags in own video?

If you manage your YouTube channel through browser. And from there uploading youtube videos. 

So there you can put hashtags for your video in the 'tags' option below by clicking 'show more' while uploading the video.

Additionally, by editing the uploaded videos, you can put hashtags also in them.

And if you don't manage your YouTube channel through browser, so you can follow this method.

The put hashtags in your YouTube Video? YouTube Studio

For this, you have to download the YouTube Studio app on your device. by this you can see the report of your YouTube channel, update your YouTube video title and description, add hashtags to the video. Along with this, you can also add custom thumbnails on the video.

  1. In your device the download YouTube studio apps from Google Play Store.
  2. Then in YouTube studio login from your YouTube channel account.
  3. Now select your video there in which you want to put hashtags.
  4. Now in the next page click on edit button.
  5. Then in the next page click on 'add tags' option to put tags on your video. and put your hashtag.
    Add #tags in YouTube Videos, How to create hashtags for YouTube Video? easy way, put hashtags in your YouTube Video? YouTube Studio
  6. and isolate more than one of hashtag with a (,) comma. Example: #addhashtag, #addhashtagyoutubevideo
  7. And then click on the save option to save the hashtags on the video. And save the hashtags on your video.

So guys, I hope you liked this post of mine. And if you liked this my post, So share this post with your friends and leave a comment. That how did you like this my post.


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